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Brexit and the financial markets 

Brexit and the financial markets

Amsterdam - te Amsterdam

15 juni 2018, 15.30-17.30

  • lawyers with a cross-border practice, academics


 Brexit and the financial markets
In this lecture, Professor Ferrarini will analyse the impact of Brexit on financial markets and, in particular, on the trading venues operating either in the UK or the EU, on the issuers of financial instruments traded on them, on the investment intermediaries (including banks) trading those financial instruments, and on clearing houses. He will deal in particular with the foreseeable post-Brexit regulation of (i) UK (EU) trading venues that offer listing and trading services in the EU (UK); (ii) UK (EU) issuers of securities admitted to listing/trading on EU (UK) trading venues; (iii) UK (EU) investment intermediaries trading financial instruments on a EU (UK) trading venue. He will also discuss the likely impact of Brexit on the trading obligations foreseen by the MiFIR. Furthermore, he will consider the impact of Brexit on clearing of financial instruments, particularly in the area of OTC derivatives, and analyse the implications of the EU recognition of UK CCPs either under EMIR or a trade agreement which could be made between the EU and the UK.

Docenten / sprekers:

 Professor Guido Ferrarini
Lecturer: Professor Guido Ferrarini (Professor Business Law, University of Genoa)

Professor Danny Busch
Moderator: Professor Danny Busch (Professor Financial Law Radboud University)


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